I'm a freelance developer focused on app and web development, with over ten years of experience, including a master in computer science. I enjoy the details of things, and always try to make the experience feel right.

Most of the time I work direclty with designers and design agency, helping them implement their design and ideas. I'm also interessted in design and good experiences, which, I think, makes the collaboration with designers work great.


  • Native. Apps are written in Native Swift, as I believe this produces the highest quality apps, with the best system integrations into the operating system.
  • Apple eco-system. I make apps for the entire Apple eco-system, including iOS, macOS, watchOS, ARKit and more.
  • The Composable Architecture (TCA). Preferably I use PointFree's TCA for state management, to get a cohesive story for handeling and manipulating state.
  • Minutes. I'm currently working on my own app, a time tracker, nativly written for iOS and macOS using SwiftUI and TCA.


  • Frontend and backend. I enjoy both fronted and backend development, using the Jamstack architecture, to separate concerns.
  • Details and animations. The last details are important to give the experience the right feeling. I love spending time creating custom animations and interaction details.
  • Privacy. I'm a believer in privacy, and extend that belife to the work I do. I aim to use privacy focused trackers (if nececary), and secure and privacy focused content storage.
  • Next.js. This is my go to framework for fronted projects, micro-services and smaller backend-only projects.
  • Sanity. Prefered (and an amazing) content platform. The studio is React based, which makes it easy to also share components, models or other functionality between frontend, api's and content storage.
  • Tailwind. Where it is fitting, I really like to write css using Tailwind. It greatly increases the speed at which I write my CSS, and gives a cohesive story for structuring and naming things.
  • Hosting. I can offer hosting for the entire project, billed montly or yearly. Hosting is done through Vercel and Sanity. I get volume discounts so I can offer a good price.
  • Other services. I have a set of great tools that I have experience with, which can be included in the project wherever it is nececary. These fees can also be included in a single hosting bill. Video streaming and conversion is done through Mux, mail handeling through Postmark and privacy focused tracking through Fathom.