What am I doing NOW?

Inspired by Derek Sivers, I've created a /now page, where I note done what I'm currently doing and working on. It's a fun little thing that makes the web more personal again. I love reading others /now page, which you can find more of here. This page was last updated April 7th, 2024.

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Building a home at Nesodden

We bought a large property with a small cabin (maybe 24 square meters) at Nesodden September of 2021, and spent about half a year rennovating it. In march 2022 we moved in. We plan to start to build a new house in 2024–2025. We are in the process of getting the permits. You can follow the process on Instagram.

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Freelancing as a developer

I've been freelancing as a Developer full time for 7-8 years. Currently I'm working on a few websites and an animatronics project. You can find me at LinkedIn to see more projects.

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Side projects

I like doing some development work as small side/hobby projects. Especially native iOS and macOS development. I have shipped Weeks, and currently working on a more ambisious project: a time tracker called Minutes.

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Books I'm reading

I'm currently reading "Slow Productivity" by Cal Newport, "Stygt og Pent" (Ugly and Pretty) by Ragnhild Brochman and re-reading "Radical Markets" by Glen Weyl and Eric Posner. You can find me at Goodreads (I love looking at what others are currently reading).

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After getting our property, gardening has become a favourite hobby. Love being outside, working on project and making our place an inspiring place to relax. I'm particularly fond of tree pruning and propagation of various cuttings (a lot of Rhododendrons). Main sources of inspiration is Piet Odoulf and Japaneese gardens.