Mist is a one-man studio
handcrafting apps
and websites.

Illustration showing logos from some of the companies I've worked with.

I help designers build apps and websites.

I have collaborated with lots of talented agencies, and would like to do more of it. If you have a project that needs a developer, wether its an app or a website, get in touch.

Illustration showing a 3D render of an app icon.

I build my own apps.

Part of my time is set aside for internal projects. I'm passionate about solving everyday issues by creating high quality and delightful native apps for the Apple ecosystem.

All products are handcrafted with love and attention to detail.

Building digital products is a handcraft like any other traditional craft. The craftsman takes pride in their work and has respect for the tools and materials they use. These are my principles for crafting digital products:

Small icon of an iPhone.

Create products, not code. Code is just a means to an end. Keep in mind that you are creating experiences for human beings.

Small icon of a maginfying flass.

Beauty lies in the details. Spend that extra time and care to make everything feel right and delightful.

Small icon of a laurel wreath.

Quality is the most important feature. Strive for bug-free products and experiences that feel lighter-than-air.

Small icon of an eye.

Data belongs to the user. Collect only the data nececary to achieve your goal, and always ask for concent.