Hi 👋🏻, my name is Eivind Lindbråten, and I'm an independent maker of macOS and iOS apps, from Oslo, Norway. I also work freelance with projects related to; macOS, iOS, web or creative coding. Feel free to say hi.

Below 👇🏻 are some of the projects I have built, either self-initiated or for clients.

Missing Link for macOS

I love Apple's own macOS productivity tools: Notes, Reminders, Mail and Messages. Unfortunately there is no way to create reference links between items in these apps. Missing Link adds the missing link to these apps, so you can reference notes, reminders, mails & messages, however you like. The project is soon in beta. Follow on Product Hunt for more information. ⛓

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In 2017, Humanistisk Ungdom launched a new campaign focusing on critical thinking. They nominated prominent figures and organizations in Norway in need of better skills and 'tools' for critical thinking. I helped them by designing and developing the voting platform tenkekassa.no. Currently unavailable. 🤔

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Habit Tracker for iOS

I have tried a lot different habit trackers for iOS, but none feels quite right. Either lacking functionality and insight, or lacking details and design which inspires a continual habit practice. So I wanted to create my own to solve this problem. The project is open source, and you can follow the progress on Github. 🍵

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Streaks for macOS

For those who get inspired by keeping long Github contribution streaks. This simple menu bar app visually indicates wether you have done your daily contribution today or not. This will remind and motivate you to achieve that awesome Github streak. 🐙

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If you 👈🏻 think we should work together, please contact me.