Summary: Apple WWDC Wish List 2022 🧞‍♂️

Every year, as many other in the Apple developer ecosystem, I maintain a list of bugs and features I'm missing from Apple's platforms. Here's what got fixed or added during Apple's WWDC on Monday June 6th.

I haven't tested the betas yet, so everything isn't fully verified, but I did read through the entire list of new features.

  • Apple Search Engine (privacy focused alternative to Google and functional alternative to Duck Duck Go)
  • Scheduled Send for Mail/iCloud Mail ✅
  • Mark as Unread in Message ✅
  • Keychain passwords in dedicated "Passwords" app for all platforms
  • True colors in macOS Terminal
  • Swift + iCloud Cloud Functions
  • "Append image to note" in Shortcuts
  • Redesigned Home app ✅
  • Contacts Smart Filter for profile images
  • Support for simple calculations in Notes
  • Easier linking between Mail, Notes and Reminders
  • Better sync for Podcasts app
  • SwiftUI: Windowless apps
  • Podcasts: Better handling of playlist with stuff I wan't to listen. If I remove item from a playlist on iPhone, it doesn't sync to other devices.
  • Reminders: both "and" and "or" in smart filters ✅
  • Notes: both "and" and "or" in smart filters ✅
  • Reminders: archive lists, instead of delete
  • Keychain: Family sharing for passwords
  • Notes: Fix PDF Rendering bug (28. feb. 2022) [1: See screenshot below]
  • Reminders: "Delete tag" feature does not work ✅
  • HomeKit: support for robot vacuum
  • Maps: support for biking in Norway
  • Change the name of Stocks app (since I also use it for crypto)
  • Notes: Support for more attached files. Some notes I can't add more pictures (2. may 2022)
  • CloudKit: simpler API compatible with SwiftUI