2022 – New Year Resolutions 🎇

This year, I have decided that "nøysomhet" (moderation) is the word that I should focus on throughout the year. Partly as a response to how last year turned out.

Below are some of the goals I have set for myself. I try as best as I can to set S.M.A.R.T. goals (Spesific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound), to make sure it's no confusion when a goal target is hit. I also don't necessarily aim for 100%, they are more guiding goals. If I achieve a score of 80% or more I would consider it a huge success. This is not the complete list, as I've left out some more personal goals.


  • Within 21.12.2022 I will have read more than 12 books. In 2019 and 2020 I read 19 and 15 books, but last year I only got to read 4 books. Aiming for 12 books this year feels achievable, especially since I've already read 4 books. Follow me on Goodreads!
  • Within 31.12.2022 I will have written more than 24 blog posts (two each month). For a long time I've wanted to learn to write better, and and I feel a blog is perfect for this. I also have a hope that writing will help make my own thoughts more clear.


  • Join a gym within 1.2.2022. ✅
  • Exercise at least twice a week, so that by 31.12.2022 I have exercised over 100 times.
  • Within 31.4.2022 have researched solutions to allow me to introduce cellphone free days into my life on a regular basis. I will write more about this at some later point.


  • Within 31.12.2022 the company should have an income of at least 850 000kr, an increase of 50 000kr.
  • Within 31.12.2022 have published at least 3 tutorial videos on Youtube. I produced many videos for Instagram last year, and really enjoyed working with video. I'm also eager to teach more. By creating video tutorials I can combine the two.
  • Within 31.12.2022, have doubled visitor count for this website from 255 to 500. This should be fairly easy, as I started tracking visitors late last year. But it's nice to have some achievable goals as well! The statistics are publicly available.
  • Within October 2022 have published Minutes for iOS and macOS to the App Store. Ideally I would release the iOS version together with the new iOS release in september, and the macOS version with the new macOS release in October/November. Follow the journey!


  • By December 2022 my portfolio should be approximately the same size as it was in January of this year. Since my portfolio grew quite a lot last year, I get to pay a lot of taxes this year. The goal then is to increase my portfolio the same amount as my taxes.
  • Within 31.12.2022 have completed rebalancing my portfolio. I want to move some assets from crypto and NFT's to funds, but I want wait for better market timing. That's why I'm giving myself one year to finish this job, and not rush it while we are still in a bear market.

This is some of the goals that I feel are relevant to share, and hopefully will give me som accountability by putting it online. To track my progress I have a weekly reminder where I go through the list, both as a reminder to focus on each of these goals, and also to set a percentage score on where I'm at on each of the items, to see if I'm on schedule or not.

As an example: last time I checked the list was January 22. (which means the year had progressed 6%), and I had read 3 out of 12 books, which would give that goal a progress percentage of 25%. Then it's easy to see that I'm keeping a good pace on that goal.